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Full Moon Rising

The April full moon, the first full moon of spring, will be at 2:08 am on Tuesday, April 11 in New York.

The full moon is a time when energy peaks. As Elton Haas writes in Staying Healthy with the Seasons, “…in each lunar cycle the sun (the male, active, light principle) and the moon (the female, receptive, dark principle) go through many relationships. We experience this cyclical change internally as well. During the time of the new moon…our experience is more yin, concerned with inner needs, creativity, and with looking forward into the next cycle. At the full moon, when the moon reflects sunlight at night…our experience is more yang.” The full moon is a time for expansiveness, outward orientation, and action.

Women who are living in a  way that is closely aligned with the rhythms of nature may also find that their menstrual cycle aligns with the lunar cycle, with menstruation at the time of the new moon and ovulation at the time of the full moon.

In her book The Path of Practice: A Woman’s Book of Ayurvedic Healing, Maya Tiwari explains, “the full moon is the natural time for you to enjoy and celebrate your womanhood. When the moon is full, you are under the influence of its cooling, ojas-producing essence which inspires ovulation and heightens your sexual impulses and vitality.” She explains that it is a natural time for having sex and also for engaging in sadhanas such as aromatherapy; taking warm, fragrant baths; and oil massage. She also recommends eating nourishing foods that build vital energy. Ojas-building foods include dates, figs, almonds, whole grains, and healthy oils. Tiwari also recommends several full moon sadhanas to connect with your feminine energy and recharge your shakti prana: holding a squatting position for five minutes; doing kapalabhati breathing; and spending time outdoors under the light of the moon.

The full moon can also be an opportune time to ritualistically release any barriers to our self-expression and self-actualization that we came to recognize during the new moon, and to take definitive steps on the path that will lead our true, most authentic self to become manifest.

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